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We are always striving to make your dental healthcare experience as comfortable and pleasant as possible making your dental wellbeing our number one objective.

Each endodontic case is unique and because of our patient- centered philosophy we enable patients to achieve and maintain health and well-being to the fullest extent possible. Dr. Limosani,  takes a personalized approach to your case and thoroughly explains his findings to you while also making recommendations that are in your best interest.

Welcome to Aventura Endodontic Care

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We are dedicated to delivering endodontic services at the highest level. Each endodontic case is unique, and every patient we treat deserves excellent care. Our promise is that we will work with your dentist to determine a treatment approach that is right for you.


Dr. Limosani, are assistants use the microscope throughout every dental procedure. Our Carestream 8100 scanner allows us to take high-quality 3-dimensional images of your condition, thereby providing you with more targeted and effective treatment.

Trust Our Endodontist for Root Canal Therapy and Re-Treatment in Aventura

When you need endodontic care in Aventura, you can count on Aventura Endodontic Care for root canal treatment, root canal retreatment, and more to save your natural teeth. We’re dedicated to providing endodontic treatments and root canal related services with compassionate care in a comfortable environment. If you’re nervous about root canal surgery, we provide IV dental sedation to help you feel completely relaxed while you get the care you need.

Aventura Endodontic Care Provides Root Canal Therapy with possible IV Dental Sedation Services in Aventura

At Aventura Endodontic Care, you can receive all root canal and endodontic treatments you need to restore optimal oral health. Our compassionate team is dedicated to providing you with the best results for your dental health.

What does endodontics include? Endodontics refers to dental care aimed at preserving the natural dentition. Treatments include root canals, apical surgery, traumatic dental injuries, and more.

What IV sedation is used for root canal therapy? Benzodiazepines are the most commonly used sedatives for IV sedation. Midazolam (Versed) is frequently used. Deeper levels of sedation can be provided by our anesthesiologist Dr Eitan Gross.

What are the side effects of IV sedation? Some patients may experience a headache, nausea, and drowsiness. Feel free to ask our team if you have any additional questions.

Is the retreatment of a root canal painful? After root canal retreatment, you may experience soreness and tenderness for 48hrs. However, it’s well worth it for long-term relief.

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Professionalism at its finest, we are dedicated to delivering the most patient-centered endodontic services.

Dr. Mark Limosani



The most advanced endodontic technology available from endodontic treatment to cutting-edge 3D visualizations

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Carol Meyer
Very experienced and professional office.
Ken Goldberg
To begin, the support staff are very polite and accommodating. However, the real treat is the doctor. 100% cared about my welfare the entire visit. My concern before my root canal was “pain”. He assured me that there would be no pain throughout the procedure. He was correct. He literally asked me 25 times, maybe more during the procedure if I was okay and if I felt the slightest bit of pain. ABSOLUTELY NONE! The icing on the cake though was later that night when I received a text from the doctor asking me if everything was alright. No doctors do that anymore. His bedside manner is phenomenal. He set the bar extremely high. Going to be tough to return to my regular dentist…maybe I won’t.
Ekaterina Pavlenko
Dr. Limosani is amazing. First time had to do root canal and everything was top notch. From scheduling to fixing my tooth.
michael brody
AMAZING!!! I’m a dentist myself and Dr Limosani and his team were exceptionally kind, caring did an awesome job !!!
Allan Stein
It was quick painless professional and no morning after issues. What more can you ask for? Highly recommended.
Juan Carlos Olivares
Dr Limosani, and his Aventura team are just great!!! Very professional since the beginning, from making the appointment to the end of my procedure. I am not only giving you guys a good review, I am your patient from now on keep doing your great work.